Thursday, January 1, 2015

"Jr will fall behind in school"

All to often the people most trusted in a players life, live in a bubble.  They live lives full of misconceptions.  Many of them are exceptional in their professional fields do not get me wrong.  But when a parent claims to be all they can for their child's growth as a person, such as living in a school district, adding as much enrichment as they can to further open as many doors as possible.  They do some of the same in sports, but becasue the odds, are so against the child from reaching the NHL, OHL, NCAA D1 hockey they just pull the plug saying he will fall behiind in school...
think about that phrase  "fall behind in school".  I am fortunate that I reside in a region loaded with exceptional schools.  Rural schools, city schools, bed room comunity schools, and private school You know what strikes me as funny.  Not funny haha, but odd funny.  The people who spend 60k on their child's k-12 education, are 95% of the time landing in the exact same colleges as the people who can not or do not invest an additional dime, beyond the unconstitutional property tax that is being extorted from the populous.  ( in 1996 the Ohio Supreme Court ordered as result of findings, that public school cease collecting personal property tax to fund public schools.  That they find another way to fund schools...they have not, and continue to break the law in defiance of subsequent court orders...oddly no one has gone to jail, and more oddly local tax collectors are still being permitted to extort these monies from the people)  where by at the base layer of observation these kids are all matriculating to College at the same rates, to the same institiutions.  Diving deeper, the numbers are showing the rural student are matriculating at a high rates, receiving more acedemic scholarship monies, to higher rated colleges.   The one number that none escape is that on average only 55% of all first time enroled college freshmen advance to graduation. Only 35% of those students who went on to graduate attended full time every year.   Only 27% of that 55% finds jobs related to their field of study in this day and age.  68% of students who matriculate and work part time and attend school part time will not finish their schooling.  Only 18% of these student find jobs in their related fields.  Compair the above numbers to vetrans on GI BIll who graduate at 72%.   That time away from school allwos for some growing up.
Now we do sadly live in age where 39% of our youth population is obese, and 63% do not participate in any athletic activities.  Yet....selfish schools continue to go unchecked and are allowed to cut funding for sports and gym classes and give teachers raises.. having life threatening results ( the first generations with lowered life expectancies than their parents)
So when we look at the road ahead for our kids why care if a child goes right from High School graduation to college?  Really why.  There are multitudes of chioices,  for children to follow.  Which making saying "you will behind in school"  sound fairly stupid.   Oh and the graduation rate for jr hockey players who go on to college is 67%
So it just maybe that taking part in Jr hockey is the best thing for a student following graduation.

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