Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Looking forward to the 2014-2015 Season

Looking at the picture for the AAA landscape a few things are clear.  Teams will not have finalized rosters untill the end of July.  Some players are on the bubble for JR teams, and those decisions need to happen.  That said we can make some determination upon what we know about current compositions.
We can expect to see Shatuk and Culver prep schools remain strong in the AAA league.  Staff changes at Detroit Honey Baked will not have a big impact on the Midget Majors performance this year, the club will be Honey Baked Hockey.  The Barrons, will be strong and possibly deeper than last season.  Boston Advantage has a pair of studs and should exceed expectations.  Comcast just may win the National Title this year.  I say may, because that determination is hinged on several factors outside of the Clubs control, on other teams rosters, but Comcast has all it takes to go the distance.
While NOT contending for a National Title, the Kansas City Mavs Majors will be on the move up the rankings.  Looking at a solid midfield season.  Compuware looks to move back into the the top 15 after a down season plagued by inconsistency and good gains in personnel.

The New England Preps D1 look to see some Teams of Record back on top.  First and foremost Avon Old Farms.  A 9-14 season for 2013 was just bad.  January and February record for Avon was 3W-7L-1otW-2otL.  Coach Gardner should have this years WingedBeavers back in the hunt.  The Gunnary and Berkshire have both added some solid players and will remain atop the list of Preps to watch, lots of NCAA d1 talent again fills the Prep Ranks this season.

The NAHL Draft is about to begin, and I am sure lots of interested parties will have an eye on that event.

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